Bike sales figures take a plunge - MCIA reveals figures dip against previous year

Motorcycle dealership door opening
Motorcycle dealership door opening

New bike sales in 2023 concluded with a slight decline on 2022 figures, according to new data released by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA).

But despite the downturn, bosses say there are still plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

“2024 will be an exciting year for the sector which will be built upon another solid performance in 2023,” said Tony Campbell, CEO of the MCIA. “The scooter and motorcycle market will become an even more important contributor to the transport eco-system.”

Kawasaki dealership

He said the role of bikes had been recognised by ministers and the Department for Transport, and regardless of who wins the general election the MCIA will continue to press the Government to honour their commitments.

Figures reveal that 5236 new bikes were registered in December, taking the full sales for 2023 to just over 113,500 machines – or 2.5% down on 2022 numbers. 

Of those 113,589 sales, over 109,000 consist of conventional petrol bikes, with electric bike sales in 2023 totalling just 4062 (or just 3.6% of the market) – down from 6526 in the previous year.

Motorcycle showroom floor

Amongst petrol (or ICE) bikes, A1-class 51-125cc machines, although slightly down, remain the biggest sellers, accounting for over 34% of total registrations.

The 501-750cc and 751-1000cc categories were both up in 2023 and big bike sales remain strong. The most popular category amongst those remains naked bikes, accounting for 23% of sales.

Adventure bikes took 20% of the spoils, boosted since October by the new BMW R1300GS – the top seller in the class in December with 181 registrations.

Retro-style modern classics crossed into the new year, with just over 10% of all sales, with 10,938 leaving showrooms.