Monster Energy gather bike racing superstars together for what could be the world's greatest trackday

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Superstars from the MotoGP, World Superbike, British Superbike, and road racing paddocks converged on Silverstone Grand Prix circuit on Thursday, June 20 for a trackday like no other.  

Called the Trackday of Legends the event was set up by drinks company Monster Energy, who hired out the entire 3.67-mile track and invited along a roster of sponsored athletes for an exclusive play in the Northamptonshire sunshine. 

Riders included none other Valentino Rossi, Pecco Bagnaia, Marco Bezzechi, Alvaro Bautista, Jonathan Rea, John McGuinness, Michael Dunlop, Peter Hickman and more, who all rolled out of pitlane together for an exclusive riding experience like no other.  

Rossi cornering right at the Monster Energy Trackday of Legends

“If Carlsberg did trackdays, this would be it,” 23-time Isle of Man TT winner John McGuinness told MCN. “I raced Rossi 24-years-ago in the 500 Grand Prix as a wildcard and when I say I raced him, I didn’t, he just drilled me into next week. But just that lap or so with him was a special moment for me.” 

The pair shared a session together with almost no one else on circuit, with the nine-time world champion towing McGuinness around to achieve his fastest ever lap of the Silverstone GP layout.  

“I was just down there showing Franco Morbidelli and Marco Bezzecchi some TT onboards trying to explain how practice week works, how the roads close, and you can see the cogs working in their brain,” John continued. “I’m just soaking it all in and hopefully someone got some pictures of me and the boys on the track and I can show it to my grandkids when I get older.” 

Valentino Rossi chats with Michael Dunlop

These sentiments were echoed by six-time World Superbike champion Jonathan Rea, who said: “It’s not even just the riding. The racing world goes at 100mph and you’re in your own little bubble, so even Monster getting all these guys together is incredible.” 

He continued: “Even last night at dinner, just talking casually to guys like Michael Dunlop, or Valentino Rossi, or Pecco Bagnaia about normal life, they’re just super cool guys.  

“Everyone respects each other’s discipline and then to share the track is pretty surreal. We’re all here with different bikes, different tyres, but we’re out there having fun.”

Wheelieing a Ducati Panigale V4 at the Trackday of Legends

 The star studded event comes ahead of the British MotoGP round, which will head back to Silverstone from August 2-4. The event will also be used to celebrate 75 years of the grand prix series, with every bike on the grid set to be wearing a classically inspired racing livery. 

“We’ve been working closer with Monster over the past few years. We think they are a fantastic brand; they are great for MotoGP, we can help each other,” Silverstone Managing Director, Stuart Pringle added. “It is not lost on me that we are hosting people who do not normally race here.  

“Yet, Silverstone is special to any motorsport fan, and you won’t get bigger fans of motorsport than motorcycle racers.” 

Riders dragging elbows on at the event

One of the riders competing in August will be reigning world champion, Bagnaia, who spoke with MCN during the Monster event. 

“It’s incredible to have this mix of incredible riders here,” he said. “I watch World Superbikes a lot and when I can and when I have the time, I see also the British Superbikes and the TT. 

“I saw the TT was two weeks ago and it’s a discipline that honestly scares me a lot because I think going that fast on a street is very scary,” he continued. “They have more courage than us, for sure and less fear, but it’s a great thing.” 

Legends chatting between laps

This was followed up by 2021 world champion Fabio Quartararo, who said: “I think it’s a real nice event, especially because it’s more than riding with other MotoGP riders, it’s about riding with riders you’ve never had the chance with.  

“In the past I had Andrea Locatelli as a teammate, so to see him today was super nice. So, it was a really fun event and I think it’s nice to see.  

“This is the first time I’ve ridden the R1 since 2021,” he continued. “It’s just to have fun, and to be here I think is a great opportunity for Monster to organise something unique.

Rossi aboard a Yamaha R1 at the trackday

 “It’s totally crazy what the [TT riders] are doing and I think they know it, but I think it’s nice to also see them on track. I think one day I will have to really visit because it’s amazing to see how fast they are going on the roads, and I think it would be a really great experience for all of us to see this race.”