Honda commits to electric future for small capacity motorcycle market at 2024 business briefing

Honda has announced that it will continue to push electrification for the small capacity motorcycle market. 

The automotive giant described EVs (electric vehicles) as the “most effective solution in the area of small mobility products such as motorcycles,” in a recent business briefing. 

By 2040, Honda say they aim for EVs and FCEVs (fuel cell electric vehicles) to represent 100% of their global vehicle sales. 

Honda EM1 battery pack

Whilst the news primarily relates to Honda’s automotive production, no distinction was made for its motorcycle manufacturing division. 

Starting in 2030, the automotive giant has announced it plans to invest 10 trillion yen (over £50 billion) over a decade long period into developments relating to EVs, signifying a significant commitment to phase out its sale of fossil fuel powered vehicles.