'Make Your Mark': A new mental health organisation looking to make a difference in the biking community

A new mental health organisation has been formed in Wales with the aim of training bikers to provide support within their communities, while also offering monthly ‘chat and check in’ style meet-ups for bikers to gather and have a natter. 

Despite it only having been up and running for six weeks, founder, Paul Sims says he hopes Make Your Mark will soon be able to offer accredited Mental Health First Aid qualifications and that the group is already gaining widespread support. 

The former Mental Health Motorbike Regional Coordinator says the latest project intends to raise money for food banks, homeless shelters and community organisations that support mental health through fundraising activities.  

Collection boxes for the organisation

This will include merchandise sales, but Paul also revealed that big plans are in the works for a ‘Round Ribbon’ style café challenge, which he hopes will see thousands of motorcyclists sign up to a six-month event next year where they will visit participating locations.

By doing so, riders will be entered into a raffle to win prizes, including a new motorcycle. The project, which hopes to be recognised as a charity, was established with a view to changing perceptions of bikers, too.

“Bikers still get a bad press,” said Paul. “They’re still seen as the hooligan wheelie brigade but there’s so many doing good and raising money for good causes. I want to highlight that.”

MARK merchandise

If you want to get involved, regular meetings will be held on the first Sunday of each month at the Owl’s Nest in Wales.

Visit makeyourmark.wales to find out more.