Isle of Man Steam Packet ferry company promise more space and luxury for TT goers with new Manxman boat

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The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company put a new ferry into service ahead of this year’s TT races, promising more room, better food, and more.  

The ‘Manxman’ is the biggest vessel ever used by Steam Packet and began sailing between the Isle of Man and the mainland UK last October. It sails mainly to Heysham, with a crossing time of three hours and 45 minutes, and joins existing boats Manannan, and Ben-My-Chree.

“One of the things we were looking at was more passenger space,” Steam Packet Managing Director, Brian Thomson told MCN. “I’ve spoken to a few bikers who have come on the Manxman and they’ve been absolutely blown away compared to what they’re used to. They can find a seat easily, the food’s better, everything is just an all-round better experience.”

Front of the Steam Packet Manxman

Work began on the boat in August 2020, with the vessel built in the Hyundai Mipo Shipyard in Ulsan, South Korea. Upon completion, it took six weeks to sail back to the island – covering 12,241 nautical miles in the process.

“It was good for shaking it out a bit. International voyages is something it will never do,” Thomson continued. “It stopped off a fair bit for refuelling, but it was an adventure for the crew, because most of them are used to going backwards and forwards.”

Sitting at 133 meters long and 26 meters wide, it has a gross tonnage of 24,161. It can also hold 1000 passengers and crew, with three public lounges and 40 cabins.

Motorcycles waiting to board a Steam Packet ferry

Steam Packet estimate that at the peak of the TT fortnight, the crews will transport 4300 passengers and 2200 bikes to the IOM every day, across all boats.

“This year we’re looking at 13,385 [bikes across the TT] so far, because for some sailings bookings are still open, so that number could go up,” the ferry boss added. “But 2024 to 2023 that’s a rise of nearly 13% so the added car deck space on Manxman will have helped with that.”

What’s more, the company also sponsor a number of Manx riders on the grid, including Nathan Harrison and Conor Cummins. For more, visit the website today.