Lincs Road Safety Partnership confirm speed cameras along popular biking road never switched on

The Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership have confirmed to MCN that speed cameras erected nearby to popular biker haunt, Willingham Woods have not been in operation since their installation last year.

Installed as part of a £3 million road safety fund, the cameras are situated along the A631, a stretch of road which has been described by Simon Outen-Coe of the partnership as “having a higher-than-average number of collisions resulting in personal injury.” 

Reportedly, a difficulty in supplying power to the cameras is holding back operations.

Motorcycles parked up at Willingham Woods

“The rural nature of the location has caused some delays,” Outen-Coe confirmed. “We were told it would be in the next few weeks, but that could be subject to a delay because it’s not quite as simple as first thought.” 

Last year a 50mph limit was also introduced, dropping the maximum permitted speed along the route from 60mph – a move which left some bikers declaring that they would no longer visit the area. 

While the cameras remain inoperative at current, Outen-Coe added that the new 50mph limit is still legally enforceable and should be carefully observed by all.

Motorcycles parked up at Willingham Woods

“Police enforcement, including mobile camera enforcement,” he added, “can take place in the locality.” 

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership have stated that as soon as a go live date is realised, it will be publicly announced.