The very best of Secrets of a Road Tester - episode 6

This year we’re celebrating the very best of our Secrets of a Road Tester series, which has been produced in partnership with Bikertek.

The idea is to help you have a safe and exciting experience on your bike, and as such, our very own Michael Neeves offers tips and tricks earned from his years of road-testing experience.

He’s ridden more bikes than most of us have had hot dinners, and furthermore he’s an accomplished instructor, so who better to lead the discussion on staying safe on the road?

This week, we’re looking at cornering again, but this time, it’s the details – the subtle tips – that really help you get that bike down the road as efficiently as possible.

Episode 1: Keeping it smooth

Our first video was produced in 2020, and sees Neevesy extolling the virtues of keeping your riding smooth, and how that can help you stay out of trouble.

Episode 2: State of mind

In our second video, Neevesy discusses the importance of state of mind when approaching your riding. It’s never good to ride when angry, for example, and keeping this advice front and centre will help you avoid any potential problems.

Episode 3: Bike Maintenance

In episode 3, Neevesy looks at the fundamentals of bike maintenance and the ways it can help you avoid an accident.

Episode 4: Cornering

Neevesy looks at the subtle art of cornering, and why a little bit of work in the bends goes a very long way indeed…

Episode 5: Bike set-up

In this week’s episode, Neevesy runs through his top tips for setting your bike up, so you’re comfortable and able to enjoy many more miles out riding.

Enjoy, and tune in next week for highlight number four…