CBR is the perfect choice

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In the four weeks I’ve had it the CBR has done 1500 miles on everything from my daily commute to work, motorway trips around the country, and as many back lane rides with my mates as I could squeeze in. Even when there was no-one available the CBR is so tempting I just can’t resist going out for a couple of hours on my own.

Getting a second hand bike means no running in so you can go out and thrash it any time you want, but you do have to watch for anything that the previous owner has missed. The CBR has already had to go in for it’s 8000 mile service, where the mechanic pointed out that the oil filter should have been changed much earlier and the chain and sprockets needed replacing ASAP. I’ve also had to put on a new set of tyres. The Bridgestone BT010s were so worn they were looking like a twenty pence piece so the new Avon Azaro SPs have improved the handling no end and my grin has just got even wider.

I’m in a tricky situation when I look for a bike. I can’t live without the exhilaration and rush of riding a sports bike fast, but I do 20,000 miles a year and comfort is a big factor when you spend that much time crouched over dropped bars.

The CBR (supplied by DK Motorcycles) has certainly hit the button on both counts with one of the most comfy seats I have had on a bike so far and performance to keep a permanent grin on my face every time I get on it. And for quite a while afterwards too.

But the CBR came with an added bonus. It is the most confidence inspiring bike I have every ridden. Every other sports bike I’ve got on takes a while to learn and get used to how it behaves, but the CBR was perfect from the first time I rode it. It just fitted.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff