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Our long term test RVF400RR (on loan from DK Motorcycles) is in need of cosmetic repair work after a bit of off road action at a rain-soaked Rockingham on Wednesday night (Aug 18).

Used Bikes Editor Angus Farquhar was riding the lightweight Honda – on loan from colleague Daniel Thornton – because his own long term test CBR600F is in the repair shop. You can imagine Thornton’s delight when Farquhar rang to explain how he low-sided on the first corner of the first green-flag lap of the first session…

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Farquhar’s CBR failed to start on Monday morning after successfully completing a tour of Ireland. Diagnosis is ongoing. Click here to discuss this bike.

Now the process of repair and sourcing replacement parts for the RVF begins. Click here to discuss this bike.

Other MCN long term testers at Rockingham on Wednesday were Editor David Cushman and MCN News Editor Andy Downes. Both Downes and Cushman will be at Crescent Suzuki this weekend. Click here for more on that.

Downes rode his GSX-R750. Click here to discuss this bike.

Cushman took to the track on his GSX-R1000 on brand new Avon Azaro Pro Series front and Sport rear. Click here to Discuss this bike.

“The first two sessions were too wet to have much fun. But there was a decent dry line by the end of the night and I did finally get the tyres scrubbed.

“Riding in the wet can be a good way of running in your tyres. You have to be ultra smooth with the throttle and that results in a very even wear pattern to the tread.”

“Once scrubbed, the track action was brilliant. I’ll be back again next week.”

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff