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The observant ones among you might remember that Editor David Cushman was unfortunate enough to have his 2004 GSX-R1000 stolen from a parking bay in London in April. His long term report, here, mentioned that one of his colleagues received a parking ticket - for trying to prevent his own bike from being stolen.

Well, that colleague was me, and it appears my attempts to reason with Islington Parking Services has fallen on deaf ears. And presumably blind eyes, considering the letter informing me my appeal had been unsuccessful was addressed to a Mr Dan Thompson.

So, despite the fact an £8000 motorcycle was stolen, and that the police officers attending advised me to lock my bike to something secure because the gang responsible may be returning - I still get to pay the fine. But at least the RVF, (on loan from DK Motorcycles), is safe I guess.

I couldn't lock the bike to anything secure AND stay within the confines of the parking bay. That's what got me the ticket. And it's £50 - if I pay within 14 days. Further appeal just adds to the risk of spiralling costs.

The only things to console me are that at least I've still got my bike, I don't work in London, and the letter also contains a link to an on-line survey about the Islington Parking Services. If you park in the area, I suggest you take a look here and make your opinions known.

And if you park anywhere in London and want to advise people about secure bike bays, rant about parking attendants, or swap any advice, Have Your Say here.

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