Mistaken identity?

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Sometimes finding out more about a second-hand motorcycle can be fun, in a Sherlock Holmes kind of way.

I’m planning to attend a trackday run by the guys at www.400greybike.co.uk, and thought I should introduce myself. Since then I’ve been caught int he midst of a mystery, with confusion over whether RR and RT models of the RVF exist, and which one is which. (For the record, white decals indicate the RR, yellow decals indicate the RT). I’m hoping to find out more information about the RVF range and grey imports, so if you know anything about strange Japanese 400cc bikes, get in touch.

While the debate rages on, I’ve got an alarm fitted. I’ve been wary about leaving my bike anywhere unattended since www.motorcyclenews.com Editor David Cushman had his stolen from almost right next to mine. The Metasystem (01905 791701) Lagos alarm has calmed me down though. It was fitted in a morning, has all sorts of functions to explore, and most importantly, hasn’t let me down yet. One button to switch on and off, one button to set the alarm off instantly, and no flat battery. The best trick is being able to park the bike in my garage, sit in my living room, and set the alarm off at will. My neighbours really enjoy that one.

There’s plenty to clean and sort out on the bike, but I’m hoping to do a lot more riding and research the history of the RVF (loaned to me by DK Motorcycles). If you can help with any of it, email me, daniel.thornton@emap.com.

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By MCN Staff