French tour for CBR

1 of 1’s Angus Farquhar is off to France on his long-term test Honda CBR600F on Friday, September 24, to take part in a three-day track school at Nogaro.

Farquhar is riding down to the circuit in the south of France over two days, with a stop in Poitiers. And will be accompanied by a group of riders that are also doing the school – run by the European Superbike School. He then spends three day’s lapping the GP circuit under the watchful eye of the schools instructors before embarking on the two day ride home.

The CBR, supplied by DK Motorcycles, almost didn’t make the trip. Three days before departure the bike started to cut out at high revs, lurching back and forth like the throttle was being opened and closed repeatedly. The fault was eventually tracked down to the wire that carried the RPM info to the new Accumen dash earthing out and taking the ignition with it. Farquhar only got the bike back hours before he left on the trip.

The group departs from Portsmouth on Friday night on the overnight ferry. After a day on fine French roads there will be an overnight stop in Poitiers, in the West of France, before heading down to Nogaro for the three track sessions.

We’ll bring you updates on Farquhar’s and the group’s progress throughout the week and you can read more about the CBR’s last foreign trip by clicking the links on the right.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff