A reader roadtest of the Fireblade 929RRY

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Yes, it’s a FireBlade! With such a tradition for being a bit of a nutter’s bike, one tends to think shall I or shan’t I? The heart says yes, but the brain says no!

You buy a blade knowing that its a bike with a reputation; one of wow it’s a Blade but wooo! better respect it or it will bite me. Once you have got past this side of things you buy the 929rry and dont look back. It looks the bollocks and is a well put together piece of kit. It’s a Honda after all and works like a proper bike should.
As you jump aboard the Blade you feel like its made for you. Press the starter and it sounds like a normal bike, pretty bland on standard pipes. But once on the move its a lovely bike and the brakes stop like Blair when mentioning Iraq!

The gears work just like my old 3 speed chopper and it just feels right. You may have ridden the rest, but once on this blade  you become smitten. It’s like pulling a women who aint up to much but when in bed works fine! In the morning she does a good brekkie and still looks half decent..well sorted.
The build of Honda is without any doubt up there with the rest of the best, with no silly wires held together with 5p cable ties a la ducati !!! No crap downpipes a la Yamaha ,they put titanium pipes on the 929rry !! What a great idea ,a five yr old 929rry has better downpipes than a 6 month old r1!! i rest my case .

Many say the 929rry has glitches in the mid range ,so do most of the bikes available these days. The 929RRY is the perfect reason why most people ride a bike ,it  does the job well ,very fast and very reliable with proper paint and a engine thats a pearl. For all those riders on 600,s looking for a great bike to grow with and keep the smile on your face ,its got to be the blade 929RRY .

Dave Dewar

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By Dave Dewar