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I hate changing exhausts. No, actually I loathe it. I used to have an old Yamaha XJ550 with a neta system on it and everytime I needed to get the rear wheel out I’d have to drop the whole system off to get to the axle nut.

Every time I did it the manifold bolts would round off a little more and it’d never seal properly. End cans I can handle, full systems… hmmm.

So having secured a beautiful full Remus system for my long-term BMW K1200S I was tempted to bottle it and visit my local mechanic. But no… I couldn’t let it beat me.

Needless to say the Remus instructions (1 side of photocopied A4) were as useful as cardboard crash helmet. So my quick guide (three days of stroppy spanner-throwing removed) is detailed below

You will need :

A set of torque allen keys

A set of torque sockets

A 22mm spanner

Two cable ties

Go to page 2 for the full step-by-step guide.

Drop the belly pan section of the fairing off

Remove the right-hand-side section of the fairing

Remove the rod between the bottom of the rad and the engine block

Unplug the rad fan on the right hand side then twist and pull the connection block from its mounting (you’ll have to snip through the cable tie to do this)

Unscrew the fan from the radiator (four bolts). The top right hand side one is a pain because it’s so close to the cylinder head but there should be enough flex in the rad mounting to get in there

Drop the fan out of the left side. This should give you enough room to get to the manifold bolts. Access to all these, except the far right bolt, is easiest from the left hand side of the bike using a socket and extension

Loosen the manifold bolts

Remove the lambda sensor from just in front of the end can using a 22mm spanner. You may need to snip through the cable tie holding the wires in a bundle to get enough play to unscrew it

Remove the end can (rear mounting bolt and collar)

Undo the manifold bolts and drop the front section of the exhaust off. Be careful the gaskets don’t fall out. If they do, put them back in using a blob of grease to hold them in place (make sure they are the right way round, they aren’t symetrical)

Piece the front section of the Remus system together using the springs but leave the end can off. If you haven’t got a spring tool, run a thin screwdriver through the hook and then slide out when in place.

Attach the front section. You’ll need to support the back of the exhaust while you’re jiggling the manifold sections into place. Either use a block (or I found I could hold it up with my foot) and move it to help line up the front. Loosely replace the manifold bolts to hold the exhaust in place

Attach the end can (two springs and one bolt)

Tighten everything up once you’re happy it’s all sitting right

Replace the lambda sensor (wind the wires anticlockwise before you start to screw the sensor in so that you don’t stress the cables) and re-tie the wires to the bundle

Fire the bike up, check for leaks, warm the system and retighten the bolts. Be careful of the temperature: you have no fan!

When you are happy, replace the fan, rod and fairing sections

Take it for a test ride. Be prepared to have to retighten bolts as they might losen with the vibrations.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff