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Video: Onboard the Husqvarna WR250 Off road

Published: 03 April 2008

Six weeks after competing my first Enduro on the Husqvarna WR250 I managed to blow the cob webs away with a day practising last weekend. Living just North of London it’s not easy finding places to ride an Enduro bike legally short of entering an actual event, but after trawling the web I found Enduroland.

The dedicated piece of land located just a few miles from Silverstone on the A43 is actually owned by Towcester race course and is more famously the site of the legendary 80’s TV show Kickstart.

Heavy rain meant that the usual six mile lap had to be cut short to under four, but with in excess of 150 riders out last Sunday it soon began to dry making for a good day of riding.

Once again the 250 2-stroke Husky proved to be a real weapon and made light work of the nadgery trail and slippery conditions.

Watch the view below to see onboard footage taken from a helmet cam on a lap round the track and read the full article in MCN, Wednesday, 2 April, 2008.