Jack Lilley special Triumph Scrambler

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MCN Senior Road Tester, Michael Neeves has just ridden a very special Triumph Scrambler, built by Triumph dealers Jack Lilley. Here are his first impressions:

“At the beginning of this year Triumph updated its Scrambler, giving it fuel injection to keep emissions nice and clean for the tough Euro 3 regulations. For 2009, the 865cc parallel twin-cylinder Scrambler remains the same but comes in a stunning velvety satin green finish (called Matt Khaki).

“Inspired by this cool paintjob, Jack Lilley has taken one of the first box-fresh 2009-model Scramblers and jazzed it up a little, so now it looks like something Steve McQueen would jump over a fence on.

“They’ve painted all the aluminium, bright-work and wheels satin black, to give the bike a more sinister look and fitted a fruity-sounding full 2-into-1 Arrow exhaust. Rear shocks have been replaced by up-rated Hagon items, there’s a beautiful single seat conversion, a headlight grille and a Rizoma master cylinder.

“The best thing about the Scrambler is how easy it is to ride. The upright riding position and wide bars make it as simply to operate as a learner bike and the motor is docile and easy to use at low revs. There’s a decent amount of shove when you want it at the top end, too – it is a 900cc motorcycle, after all. The unmistakably British exhaust note with the Arrow exhaust fitted is incredible; throbbing along, even at 30mph brings a big smile to your face.

“The stiffer rear shocks stop the Scrambler squashing under the rider’s weight and serves to keep the steering light and responsive, both around town and through the corners.

“This bike is for sale now at Jack Lilley for £7245, which is £500 less than it cost to build. Go to www.jacklilley.com for more details.”

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