Video: LSL Kawasaki Clubman W 740R road test

Kawasaki’s W650 surfaced in 1998 and dipped back under the radar sometime in 2003.

Based on a very early Kawasaki model from an age where where hippies were all the rage (and itself a very good copy of 1960s Brit-iron), this delightful two-wheeled slice of nostalgia could never be tagged a performance machine and was sadly out of date when it arrived on UK shores.

However, in mainland Europe the W650 was a big seller and because of this there is a demand for aftermarket accessories. One such German company which produces quality aftermarket parts for the W650 is LSL.

LSL’s working showcase for all things W650 is the LSL Kawasaki Clubman W740R, a big-bored W650 special. MCN’s test of this bike showed us LSL has made a delightfully modern version of the W650.

Watch the video below to see the motorcycle in detail and for more info see MCN, Wednesday 31, 2008.

Trevor Franklin

By Trevor Franklin