Bandit is a bargain!

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Been biking a few years and all I wanted was a big bike (GSX-R1000). Got my Honda CBR600RR stolen in the summer of 2005 and got no money back from my insurance so i had to buy a new bike on finance.

There was a good deal that Suzuki had on the bandit 650 so i went for it. Great little bike, didn’t like the ABS on it a first but you get used to them. I do alot of driving to work and use it at the weekends for spins with my mates. I also drive to Ireland once or twice a year.

I put a carbon can on it and it now sounds like a 1200. Sprayed it matt black and put a set of rentals on and it looks the business.

We all went on a track day but I didn’t know if I should take the bandit or hire a Yamaha YZF-R6 for the day. The R6 cost too much so I took the wee bandit… and she was brilliant!

It’s a great all round bike and it’s just passed it’s first M.O.T with 49050 miles on it. When I got it in August 2005 the price paid was £4200. Price now- not a lot!

Top speed: 127mph
Fuel range: Drive it soft 180, Drive it hard 150
What I like: looks big, handles well.
What I don’t like: can’t keep up with my mate’s R1!

David Mc Cabe

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By David Mc Cabe