First impressions from the Suzuki GSX-R750 launch

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MCN Senior road tester Michael Neeves, has just finished four sessions of intense riding on the new Suzuki GSX-R750 at the twisty Guadix circuit in the south of Spain.

The good news is that Suzuki hasn’t messed about with the GSX-R’s winning formula and aside from a facelift is very similar to last year’s model – which means it’s flipping brilliant.

As ever the Suzuki GSX-R750 offers all the excitement and involvement of a hardcore revvy 600 with added grunt from its extra 150cc to make it easier to ride and faster out of the corners.

The biggest improvement on last year is the brakes which are race standard but other than that it’s still the Suzuki GSX-R750 we all know and love.

It’s still up there as one of the best sports bikes money can buy.