Paul Malin’s verdict on 2010 Suzuki RM-Z250

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Ex-motocross GP rider Paul Malin says the new 2010 Suzuki RM-Z250 is awesome, after riding it at its launch for MCN.

Although the 2010 Suzuki RM-Z250 has a brand new chassis, the overall riding position has not been compromised and the overall ergonomic package is spot on.

The new battery-less fuel injection system is powered by a lightweight magneto generator and incorporates a 44mm throttle body with progressive throttle linkage, 16-bit ECU and unique capacitor-assisted starting system.

This lot makes it easier to start.

A new cylinder head and a slightly taller crown on the piston means improved compression ratios, ensuring a much more punchy motor, and modifications to the crankcase sees less oil being carried meaning less drag on the engine.

As soon as you pull on to the track you get a hint of what the 2010 RM-Z250 has to offer, the instant response off the bottom leaves you wanting to grab the Suzuki’s throttle to see where it might take you.

That feeling is maintained throughout the rev range and despite the cold and heavy conditions the overall performance of the motor was awesome.

However, for those who like to tinker with engine settings in order to get the most out of your motor, the RM-Z250 is compatible with a Yoshimura ‘MX TUNER’ – a neat box of tricks designed to let you to remap the engine with ease.

It’s an option and costs £410.

The magic box connects to a plug next to the right radiator, and with the flick of couple of switches and the twisting of a couple of dials on the MX Tuner, you can advance the ignition and go richer and leaner as you prefer.

I tried various settings to suit me but the thing that impressed most was the ease and the speed in which this can all be done.

Other similar systems require a lap-top, but this system is much simpler and there’s no danger of sand getting into your new laptop.

I opted to advance the RM-Z250’s ignition timing which worked off the bottom but made it too lean from the middle to the top of the revs, but was able to rectify this by going richer to bring it back and improve the overall spread of power at the flick of a switch (conditions were cold, and going richer was the way to go).

So I was able to gain even more of an advantage out of this already impressive motorcycle. Oh, and if you’re wondering, the new chassis means that turning the new RM-Z250 has never been easier nor more efficient.

SUZUKI RM-Z250 £5499 (MX TUNER +£410)
Engine Liquid-cooled, dohc, 249cc single
Power 40bhp (est)
Weight (kerb) 105kg
Colours Yellow
Contact 0500 011959

Paul Malin

By Paul Malin