GTR1400 - Just get one, you'll see!

The GTR 1400 is and always will be a great bike. A mile munching speed mule. I’ve had mine nine days, me and the Mrs have been carried for 1,300 miles in comfort in that time.

When we stop for a brew along the way to our far away destination we both remove our lids with a ‘We’ve just had the best sex!’ grin sprawlled all over our mush. We did’nt get that with our BMW 1150RT or our FZS 1000.

It’s got the power to press on in the fast lane and get us out of those tight situations we all know of. It’s also got the slinky around town moves that is required from time to time. As for luggage, the side panniers are well sized, the top box, mmm, fit a Givi 45ltr with a universal plate and you’ve got the lot.

Upgrades required, (Mr Kawasaki), to bring the bike into a very high spec’ are: I have fitted a MRA Vario and it now keeps me free from the wind blast. Heated grips, long journey joy, oh! yes!. Hugger and fender extender to keep the bike minty fresh.

They will certainly maintain the looks and chatability factor in any bike park. All in all a great bike to tour on or to have a blast on, it’s a machine for all occassions.


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By bertie246