MCN Paris-Dacre Rallye bikes could be yours

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The Honda Africa Twin, Suzuki DR800 and Yamaha Super Tenere featured in the MCN Paris-Dacre Rallye challenge are all up for sale. 

Our road testers are looking for offers around the £1,500 mark (that’s each, not for all three):     

Honda Africa Twin

Phil’s Honda Africa Twin
“Honda’s AT is class, pure and simple. So much so that they hold their values well. This is the original, HRC-developed 650 version. In my book, that makes it an ‘off-road RC30’: effective, rare, classic.”

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Suzuki DR800

Trev’s Suzuki DR800
“The DR800’s pointy-snout styling struck me as being cool. It didn’t sell well in the UK, but in Greece they were snapped up, maybe because of the DR’s ability to make sense of mountainous terrain. The DR has never been eclipsed as the biggest capacity mass-produced single.”

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Yamaha Super Tenere

Chad’s Yamaha Super Tenere
“For the money, it’s the best bike out there, full stop. I know from experience how good old Yamahas can be. I’ve heard stories of Super Tens with more than 50,000 miles still going strong and it’s 70bhp is not to be sniffed at.”

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James Keen

By James Keen