Staff Bikes: Victory Hammer S - Time for tea

This is only my second blog entry, and I’m already cheating by blogging on someone else’s Hammer activity.

German magazine Motorrad has replicated BMW’s viral video for the S1000RR, where the superbike appears to pull a table cloth from under a fully laid table.

There’s some doubt as to whether the BMW really did, but using a Victory Hammer, the German journalists sort of manage it.

The plates, cups and cutlery shift a bit, but it’s fairly impressive. See it here

Meanwhile, mine has been getting involved with a meal of a different kind.

I used the Hammer S for a morning run to McDonalds to load up on some greasy breakfast goodness, and deciding that I couldn’t be bothered to get off the bike, I rode through the drivethough making use of open-face helmet convenience to order from the slightly bemused oik in the serving window.

Slung my lard-laden haul in my rucksack, and unleashed all 97bhp to get it home before it got cold. Excellent.

I’ve left it at home during this week’s rubbish weather – hopefully I’ll be able to do more than collect fast food over Easter.

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Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging