First Ride: Suzuki hydrogen fuel cell powered Burgman

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MCN’s Guy Procter has just finished riding Suzuki‘s hydrogen fuel cell powered Burgman. He phoned in his first impressions.

“I’ve just got off the bike after a brief ride and I’m very impressed. It only makes about 11 or 12bhp which is slightly down on the 125 petrol version, but it happily cruised at 35mph.

“The maximum range is given at 200 miles, travelling at 20mph which sounds bad but when you realize that the average speed in London is 9mph it makes a more sense.

“It’s recognisably a scooter, apart from being total silent and serene. Since it doesn’t have to lug about heavy batteries the weight is completely unchanged and so the handling isn’t ruined.”

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Guy Procter

By Guy Procter