2011 Victorys first ride

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Victory’s brand new 2011 ‘Cross Country’ range, which is the American firm’s take on ‘bagger’ (pannier-equipped) or Road King-style tourers, has just been put through their paces by Roland Brown in Scotland, here’s what he has to say:

“The range comprises the Cross Roads, which is the unfaired bike and comes with (aka Touring) or without plexiglass screen and the Cross Country, which is half-faired.

“The torquey engine is the same as used in the Vision full dress tourer. It’s 92bhp, has an updated gearbox for 2011 and will happily cruise at 70-80mph.

“The handling is good and the comfort is excellent. It has a relaxed and long legged feel to it. The wet weather wasn’t great for riding but that didn’t detract from the ride as the screen kept the worst of the rain out of my face.

“The Cross Country, the half faired version, (the blue bike in the pictures) is slightly larger and heavier handling but built on the same chassis. The panniers on both this and the Cross Roads Touring are roomy, hard panniers that would be enough a weekend’s kit.”

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Phil West

By Phil West

MCN Contributor and bike tester.