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That will teach me for being smug about my bargain VFR 750.

Last year the £750 Honda cruised through its MoT with a couple of advisories and a cheery wave from the mechanic. My budget buy was vindicated and all was well with the Brown bank account.   

5000 miles and 12 months down the line the bike didn’t feel any more dilapidated than before, so I felt pretty confident as I dropped the VFR off for an MoT and celebratory oil change. When my mobile buzzed the next morning I was all set for good news… but it wasn’t to be. Rotten downpipes and collector box topped the misery list along with notchy head bearings (I did know about those) and an ominous advisory about some welding around the footpeg hangers. Bugger.

OE exhausts are madly expensive (it’s hard to believe anyone every buys them) but Motad have stainless replacements for around £400. They look great and will outlive the bike by quite some time. I opted to keep the (also a bit rotten) Remus end can for another year. Not such a bargain now, but at least I’m back on the road.

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Simon Brown

By Simon Brown

MCN Senior Production Editor