Electric car takes on electric bike at Thruxton

Electric car raced electric superbike last week, as Citroën’s Survolt concept and a Mavizen TTX02 went head-to-head at Thruxton.

TTX GP leader Jenny Tinmouth was on two wheels, Le Mans driver Vanina Ickx on four. The event was set up to promote the strides that both Citroën and Mavizen are making in the electric arena.

Ickx said: “This was a fantastic experience. The lack of engine noise made it a very interesting challenge.  Normally you have an idea where your opponent is by their sound, but with electric vehicles it’s so much quieter – a new racing dynamic.  I had a lot of fun.”

The TTX02 was the world’s first production electric superbike and weighs 220kg. It’s powered by 80 battery packs and makes 68hp. It offers a 0-60mph time of around 3.5seconds with a top speed of just over 130mph. 

The Survolt features full carbon bodywork and weighs 1.15 metric tonnes.

It’s powered by two electric motors with a combined power of 300bhp, top speed is 162mph and it makes 0-60mph in five seconds.

The twin 140kg lithium-ion batteries can cover 124 miles.

Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel