Blown away: TTS supercharged Suzuki Hayabusa

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Suzuki’s 195bhp Hayabusa has never been a wallflower. But compared to this latest supercharged example, which has been built by tuning experts TTS of Silverstone and puts out a massive 283bhp with no loss of usability, it certainly feels like one.

Richard Albans is the man behind the Northants-based tuning shop and has long been convinced that supercharging is the way forward for cheap, reliable power. His new Hayabusa has been built to showcase TTS’s latest wares.

It uses the latest Rotrex supercharger which is considerably lighter, more compact and able to deal with the engine speeds of more motorcycles than previous examples. While TTS has also redesigned the charger mounting systems to make them tidier. CNC-machined external mounting cases, plenum chamber and pre-formed air ducts, meanwhile, are works of art, which means not much bodywork has to be removed and only minor exhaust pipe rerouting is required, if at all on some models.

The 2008-onwards Busa features an increased compression ratio of 12.5:1, meaning less boost pressure is required from the latest C30 Rotrex supercharger to net a high level of performance from the engine.

Even so, it’s still kicking out 280bhp and 165ftlb of torque at 11,000rpm – a higher than normal increase to sate Albans’ thirst for drag racing.

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Trevor Franklin

By Trevor Franklin