Staff bikes: Suzuki GSR750 - Tail tidy improves GSR's rear

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After riding the GSR for the first few miles there was only one modification that I could see needed to be made, to fit a tail tidy and get rid of the huge piece of plastic hanging off the rear end of the bike. (Although it does come in handy as a tea holder.)

I went for a tail tidy from R&G Racing (, and at £85 isn’t overly expensive. I set about making the swap, with the helpful instructions included in the box – all bolts and cables needed were present and everything lined up just right – the only problem I encountered was connecting the indicators the wrong way round, which was entirely my fault. D’oh!

Once everything was fitted I stood back and instantly started looking for other things to change – it seems I’ve been bitten by the modification bug. Next up on my list will be an exhaust, not for any real performance gain, just to get rid of the unsightly black and chrome lump that is on there at the moment.

The standard plate looks a little big now, and had to be drilled to fit on the bracket – and thanks to my impatience is a little wonky. So I’m toying with the idea of a smaller plate.

R&G also state that with the standard plate on there’s the possibility it could hit the rear tyre under heavy load and shatter, but a quick blast down some country roads, getting some air with a mate on the back and the plate is still intact.

I’ve also got an exhaust hanger and pillion foot peg blanking plate, also from R&G, which I’ll fit in the next couple of weeks as the pillion pegs will be needed shortly.


Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer