Harley-Davidson Switchback meets its match!

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The new Harley-Davidson Switchback ‘bagger’ (or custom tourer) has already impressed MCN testers – but how’s it measure up against its closest rival, Victory’s Cross Roads Tour? In this week’s MCN we find out.

Both are American, V-twin powered, pannier-equipped cruisers and at a quick glance are difficult to tell apart. Both also come in similar colour schemes and are priced closely at £13,799 and £14,995 respectively.

Instead, what sets them apart is the riding experience: where the more retro Harley is also smaller, more nimble and more manageable, the more modern and flashy Victory boasts more luggage and pillion capacity and performance – although there’s not much in it.

To find out our verdict check out the December 28 issue of MCN.