‘Super Ten better than sex’ according to TV’s Adrian Chiles

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Daybreak TV presenter Adrian Chiles has been singing the praises of Yamaha’s XT1200Z Super Tenere after trying one out recently. Find a Yamaha Super Tenere for sale

The sometime sports presenter, although claiming he’s “not a bike-buff”, rode the bike from Yamaha’s HQ in Weybridge, Surrey, into West London and said afterwards: “I knew as soon as I clambered aboard that I was in the presence of something twice as magnificent as anything I’d been on before.”

Chiles, not previously reknown as a biker, also rode the adventure machine into work the next day, and said: “I could barely wait for my 3.45am alarm call so I could be king of the road all the way from Chiswick, where I live, to ITV’s studios on the South Bank.

“I arrived with a happy flush. ‘Blimey, you look happy,’ said one of my colleagues. “Have you been having sex or something?’ ‘No, better than that,’ I said. ‘Come down to the car park later and I’ll show you…’”

MCN is confident Chiles didn’t have to pay for the £12,999 machine…