Staff bikes: Ducati Diavel - A few tentative laps at Silverstone

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This weekend was Ducati Days at Silverstone and it would’ve been rude not to attend and take the Diavel around the GP circuit.

The first session of the afternoon arrived and I headed out with Maria Costello MBE to get some idea of where I was going. Silverstone is so huge, I was truly lost, no idea when, where and at what speed to turn in.

A few laps into it and I decided I’d had enough, pegs and toe sliders scraping I was spending more time worrying about coming off a £15,000 bike than enjoying riding it. I’d never live it down if I crashed only two weeks after picking it up.

So now it’ back home, clean, safe and secure where it should be. I’ll leave the track riding to the 848 and 1198 owners.


Ian Jubb

By Ian Jubb