Video: 2012 Husqvarna enduros tested

Husqvarna’s 2012 range has been revitalised as a direct result of winning both the E1 and E2 world championships. MCN’s Michael Guy tests all the new 2012 models to see how they perform.

Husqvarna WR125
The only two-stroke in the range, at 98kg it’s incredibly agile. Two-stroke engine characteristics and lack of engine braking make corner entry a real joy.

Husqvarna TE250
This is Husqvarna’s entry level four-stroke. It weighs 108kg – the same as the TE310 – and needs to be ridden hard due to tall gearing and lack of low down punch.

Husqvarna TE310
With an engine capacity of 302.4cc it has masses of useable power and the increased torque makes it easier to ride than the TE250. It will lift the front like a 450 but the power isn’t too much, making it easy to ride.

Husqvarna TE449
The mapping has been changed to produce a flatter power curve with more torque. The result is an incredible engine that produces ultra smooth tractable power without needing to be revved hard.

Read the full test in the November 9 edition of MCN.