Staff bikes: Suzuki GSX-R750: The surprise tourer

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It’s fair to say my GSX-R750 has lived most of its short life with the rev needle pinging against the redline on track. It’s a sensational-handling bit of kit, devilishly fast and intoxicatingly involving. But most surprisingly it’s really good at long journeys, too.

So far I’ve been to Le Mans, travelled over to the TT and been to Le Touquet. That’s on top of the general commuting to work and road test jobs – my Suzuki and I have racked up over 6000 miles already.

With the adjustable footpegs set on their lowest position, it’s comfortable and relatively roomy, the seat isn’t too hard, the lights are excellent and you can squeeze well over 52mpg out if it on the motorway – that’s more than 150 miles until the reserve light comes on from full. Impressive stuff.

My only complaint is a slightly jerky throttle and a strange, undulating resonance from the engine at around 90mph which tingles through the bike and passes through my earplugs.