KTM Freeride 350 first ride

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KTM is at it again - attempting to redefine the bikes we ride. The Freeride 350 is the latest example, featuring the Austrian off-road experts' latest 350EXC-F enduro engine set in a compact package.

The result is not an enduro, nor a trials bikes. Instead it's part beginners' bike, part experts' play bike and probably the ideal green lane machine. Essentially, KTM has reinvented the trail bike.

To do this they've significantly detuned their latest fuel-injected 350 enduro motor and placed it in a mid-size chassis, with just 9 inches of suspension travel, to create a go-anywhere (gently) package, significantly weighing under 100kg.

It's the perfect family bike - a lightish, soft-powered, not-too-big dirt bike that you could ride in a suburban garden and not upset the neighbours.

For super-pro dad this is THE bike for pulling cool tricks. For beginner mum, after a quick stab of the electric start, it's a bike she can ride and enjoy without teetering over to reach the ground. And it'll bring on junior's skills without snapping over backwards if he/she inadvertently gives it a whiff too much throttle.

For the full first ride, pick up a copy of the February 1 issue of MCN, out now.


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