MV Agusta F3 fuelling problem fixed

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The MV Agusta F3 was one of the most eagerly anticipated sports bikes in recent years, but when it was launched back in February it was a huge disappointment.

Chronic fuelling problems and poor running blighted the Italian firm’s new supersport rocket, putting it way behind the Japanese competition and most worryingly for them, its intended rival: the Triumph Daytona 675.

But now MV reckons it’s fixed. But is it? MCN senior road tester Michael Neeves rode the new bike in Italy to find out: “Let’s pretend the ‘old’ F3 never happened and imagine this is a brand new bike we haven’t ridden before – and in a way it is.

“Thanks to new fuel mapping and newly-designed clutch basket cush-drive rubbers, the bad manners are gone, and we can now see what the Italian firm’s new supersport weapon is really like.

“At normal speeds the gearbox feels a little tight, but once you get going it’s smoother.

“Our test bike is fitted with the optional quickshifter, which means you don’t have to use the clutch or close the throttle on up-changes. It’s good, but not as slick as the best systems out there, like the RSV4 or Panigale.

“Get the MV out onto the open road so you can stretch its legs a little bit and it’s nice and fluid on and off the throttle – which is certainly wasn’t before.

“There are four riding modes to choose from (switchable via the starter button): each has a differing level of throttle response, torque, rev-limit and engine braking characteristics.

“There’s Sport, Normal, Rain and Custom. Before, you couldn’t use Sport mode as it intensified the snatchiness of the throttle, but now you can.”

Read the full test in the current issue of MCN, out now.

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