Honda CB1100 Launch – First Impressions

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Honda’s new CB1100 Retro Roadster is currently being put through its paces in the countryside around Valencia, Spain, by MCN’s Executive Editor, Phil West. These are his first impressions, ahead of a full test report in next week’s MCN.
“Honda has certainly done its homework with the new CB1100, the detailing is fabulous, right down to the CB750 look alike taillight and green dials and the all-new air-cooled engine is beautifully designed – it’s a work of art.

“On the road its clearly aimed at born-again riders, and it’s very novice-friendly, smooth, and easy to ride. But it’s still got enough smooth pep to please more experienced riders, too.

“It’s never exactly exciting, but it’s quite engaging and there’s a definite pride in seeing yourself aboard it. My only doubt so far is that Honda has pulled out all the stops trying to create character, but there’s only so much character a Honda ‘4’ can deliver.

“More time on the bike will obviously reveal whether the beauty is just skin deep, or if Honda has managed to imbue the CB1100 with some deeper character. See my full test in next week’s MCN, on sale 23 January.”

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Phil West

By Phil West

MCN Contributor and bike tester.