Staff Blog: Hyperstrada at Snetterton and beyond

Published: 20 June 2013

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I took my Hyperstrada for a blast around the Snetterton 300 circuit on Monday – my second trackday of the year on the Ducati.

I was there helping fellow MCN-er, Andy Davidson, who was doing his first ever trackday on his long term Kawasaki Z800.

It’s easy to take trackdays for granted when you do a lot of them, but for those who haven’t done it, there’s a lot to think about.

Even before the mandatory 30-minute briefing begins at 8.30am you have to get to the track in time to set-up, join the long signing-in queue, drop your tyre pressures and get noise tested, ready for when you get to hit the track at 9am.

To get to the track in time, it’s usually a stupid-early start, so you always arrive tired. Most riders skip the last session because they’re knackered, so it’s a shame trackdays just don’t kick-off a bit later.

I was out with Andy in the novice group, which was fine, but I saw some very strange riding in the pursuit of ‘knee-down nirvana’, not to mention a lot of uncharitable hero-for-the-day passes. I was cringing seeing some people bearing down on me in my mirrors.

Aside from that we both had a good day and No Limits ran a tight ship.
I got the chance to test my Pirelli Angel GT sports touring tyres at Snetterton and they were very impressive. A flat profile means they don’t steer as well as dedicated sports tyres, but they warm-up fast and grip pretty well.

From there I had an amazing ride to Donington and back for the Ron Haslam Race School. I left my house at 6am, but it was already 17-degrees and sunny and the ride through the back roads and back was heaven.

I’m racing my BMW Park Lane S1000RR this weekend, again at Snetterton 300. But then I’m off on holiday - riding my Hyperstrada to Portugal. I’ll be loading-up the standard panniers and top box, setting my route on the sat nav and on Wednesday hopping on the channel tunnel train. I can’t wait.



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