Staff Blog: How’s that for the ultimate in accessories?

Published: 01 July 2013

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I’m not a slave to fashion and wouldn’t normally be classed as a girlie-girl but as a bit of fun I thought I’d add a little colour coded accessory to my Fazer8, well not exactly to the bike but more to me.

The blue wheels and detailing on the bike aren’t to everyone’s taste, at first I thought they were a bit in your face but with time I’ve really got used to them. Teresa, the lady who paints my nails, thought I was a bit bonkers the last time I had them done. For some reason she’d never been asked to colour match nail polish to a bike’s paint job.

The last time I decided to change my appearance to celebrate the bike I was riding was to the 2004 World Ducati Week, when I rode as my husband’s pillion to Italy on our Ducati 998S. That time I dyed my hair bright red which initially looked stunning but after a week in the italian sunshine was more Swan Vesta pink than Ducati red, and it took weeks to grow out. At least if I tire of the Fazer8 blue painted nails they can be removed straight away!!



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