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It’s a couple of weeks without riding for me I’m afraid.

After 24 years of being a ‘specy-four-eyes’ I’ve taken  the plunge and had lazer eye surgery. You might wonder why I’m writing about this on my blog and how it relates to my riding the Fazer8, well if you don’t wear glasses you won’t appreciate what it’s like and if you do I should imagine you’ve encountered all the same inconveniences as I have.

Trying to shove the arms of your glasses over your ears, whilst wearing a helmet, is difficult and sometimes bloody painful. After years of steamed up riding, I have just found a resolution  by way of Fogtech wipes which are brilliant and a review will appear in the paper soon, but it’s still annoying to have to use products just to get a clear view. I’ve never done it but I do know someone who once forgot to take their glasses off when removing their lid and ended up with gouges in their face. All problems that I would rather live without.

The minor procedure to have my eyes treated was expensive, a bit painful but hopefully will mean many years of glasses free riding to come and roll on next week when I can get back on the Fazer8.






Alison Silcox

By Alison Silcox

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