Yamaha MT-07 Long term test report

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The Yamaha MT-07 is fast-approaching 4000 miles and so far so good.

The little twin has been a barrel of laughs this year, it’s not missed a beat and the finish is still strong.

It’s handled everything that’s been thrown at it. And quite a lot has been thrown at it. Daily commutes up and down the A1, touring across Europe and a Cadwell Park track day have all been gobbled up eagerly by the MT-07 without complaint.

The bike has not missed a beat and any niggles are just that. Niggles.

Fuel economy has improved steadily as the year has progressed and I am now regularly seeing 55mpg-plus. More spirited riding sees that decrease dramatically, but even with a bit of heavy-handed abuse you can still go 140 miles between fill-ups.

I changed the tyres just before the track day. The standard Bridgestone BT023s made way for Dunlop Sportsmart 2s (£200 a pair) which made a big difference. They offer great levels of grip and really come into their own in the wet.

I’ve also fitted a screen which has liftted the windblast a little but I can still feel the headwind on my chest. The Yamaha Sport screen costs £99 so I’m not sure I’d bother. I also fittted an official Yamaha seat cowl – for £140 – and I definitely would not bother with that.

Other mods include an Akrapovic exhaust system. It gives an extra couple of bhp and a slightly fruitier exhaust note. But for £780, it’s a lot of money to spend on something that makes a minimal difference. It does free up the middle of the rev range though and also sheds a couple of kilos.

The best mod I’ve made so far is a new Nitron rear shock. The standard shock is only adjustable for preload and is basic to say the least. It’s the only real complaint on what is otherwise a brilliant bike. But the £350 Nitron is a revelation.

It’s adjustbale for rebound and compression on one adjuster and has much more adjustability for preload.

The MT-07 continues to excel and so far has shown no signs of slowing down or succumbing to the rain and slime-covered roads.