Harley-Davidson Street 750 first ride

Published: 26 August 2015

The Street 750 is the bike Harley hopes will capture the interest of the younger generation and get them hooked on the brand. The Street marks a change from the norm for the Milwaukee firm, as the new bike is powered by an all-new liquid-cooled engine.

Around town the 750cc Revolution X motor pulls well, making traffic light get aways and quick overtakes easy. It's also incredibly smooth. The engine loves revs, making it stand out from the usual air-cooled Harley motors.

The Street is equally enthusiastic when it comes to handling. The new bike is light and nimble on the move, making it easy to throw around roundabouts and back roads, although minimal ground clearance stops you having too much fun on the open road.

At just £5795 the Street is cheap, but it's also built to a price. There's no ABS and nothing fancy in terms of dash functions or switchgear, everything is basic, but works well. With cool looks and the performance to match, the Street could prove incredibly popular for Harley, and offers potential customers something different to the usual air-cooled offerings.

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