Very modern retros: Honda reimagine Dax, Cub and Zoomer as electric e-bikes

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Honda have released a range of e-bicycles called the Cub e, Dax e and Zoomer e, all based on low-capacity petrol offerings. 

They represent the first step in Honda’s long-term plan, which they enticingly called the ‘Briefing on Honda motorcycle business – realising carbon neutrality with a primary focus on electrification’. At present they are only being sold into the Chinese market.  

The machines are halfway houses between motorcycles and bicycles aimed at Gen Z, so they’re motorbike shape but have pedals and have a top speed of just 15mph. 

Honda Cub E

Last year Honda stated that they want to continue to develop petrol powered motorcycles, but the reality is that they will need to offset that with electric vehicles if they are to hit their stated emissions target of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. 

Their aim is to have at least 10 electric motorcycles on sale globally by 2025 and increase sales to one million units by 2027. Three years later they’re aiming for 3.5 million, which would make up 15% of their total sales.  

We won’t get these three little devils in the UK – our e-bike licensing laws don’t suit them – but chances are we will get many of the other electrics, likely to include mopeds, maxi-scooters, and full-sized bikes. 

But even if electric isn’t your thing, if kids jumping on these keeps Fireblades on the road a few years long then that’s something we can all get behind.  

Honda get plugged-in with EM1 e-scooter

First published 4 November 2022 by Dan Sutherland

Honda EM1 e-scooter side view

Honda are taking steps towards an aim of carbon neutrality in their biking division by the 2040s with a new EM1 e-scooter – their first battery-powered bike for European customers.

Spearheading a plan to introduce 10 more electric bikes by 2035, the EM1 is designed to be an easy city run-around, with a 40km range from a single charge. The battery can be removed and charged in your home, and the bike is expected to join the range by summer 2023. 

It was launched at the 2022 Eicma international trade show alongside a range of conventional combustion-engined bikes including the XL750 Transalp adventure bike.

Honda’s electric vision: Firm commits to ten plug-in models by 2025

First published 13 September 2022 by Phil West

Honda have revealed big plans for the future

Honda have unveiled their latest vision for an electric, carbon neutral future – promising ten all-new electric motorcycles by 2025.

An increase on the four planned for 2024 announced last April, the plans include three full-size ‘fun’ bikes and were announced in a special press briefing held by Honda on September 13.

The world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer is rapidly increasing its emphasis on electric bikes alongside plans to reduce the carbon footprint of its manufacturing – although conventional ‘ICE’ (internal combustion engine) machines will continue.

In a nutshell: Honda now plans for 10 or more battery-powered two-wheelers by 2025, to increase sales of electric models to 1 million units a year within five years and to 3.5 million units annually (equivalent to 15% of Honda’s total sales) by 2030. They will also continue to explore carbon neutral ICE machines.

Images released at the briefing include a 2025 global electric motorcycle line-up of 11 sillhouetted machines, seven of which are clearly small scooters.

However, the four remaining bikes are what Honda calls ‘Fun EV’ machines – clearly aimed at the enthusiast and targeted at Japan, the US and Europe and comprising three full size bikes whose shapes imply a roadster, cruiser and maxi-scooter. A smaller kids off-roader is also teased, which could all be unveiled as soon as late 2023.

The briefing also revealed that Honda’s first battery-powered commuters and bicycles would be launched between 2022 and 2024.

Honda also announced that, although electrification is the primary focus of environmental strategies for its motorcycle business, it was also continuing with ICE machines by developing models compatible with carbon neutral fuels such as gasoline-ethanol blends.

Just one of the new ICE models on the cards is a new Hornet naked, with the firm revealing a new 755cc parallel twin engine platform just last week.