Get total control: A few tweaks to your levers and bars can make a huge difference


We’re all guilty of riding around problems and issues with our bikes, and lever adjustment is definitely one of those areas where the majority of us just learn to live with our bikes as they are.

But if you’ve never sat and thought about the position of your brake, clutch and gear levers, it’s really worth spending
five minutes in the garage doing exactly that, especially if you’ve got a long trip coming up.

It’s astonishing just how many aches and pains can be avoided by just tweaking the positioning of your bars and
levers slightly – just try it, you might find that it makes a whole world of difference. If you’ve already adjusted your controls but find that you still can’t get the perfect position, fear not because there is a vast choice of aftermarket levers and footrests that will give you a wider range of adjustability. Do your research, though, to ensure good quality
and aftersales service…

Bruce Dunn

By Bruce Dunn

Datalogger, professionally testing bikes for over 25 years.