The Ural Sidecar Experience is open for business. MCN’s Saffron went along to, er, give it a ‘tri’


Northumberland is an area of England that seems to be overlooked by bikers, with many motoring through it en route to Scotland or dashing west along the A69 to get to the Lake District.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of venturing north into the hills and towards the coast, but this wasn’t a ride I was planning to experience on just two wheels.

It was a chance to try out three. Having never ridden anything with three wheels – be that trike or sidecar – my nerves were kicking in as I headed towards Morpeth.

The Sidecar Experience Centre is next to a farm, amidst the county’s many delicious B-roads, and the goosebumps on my arms only magnify as the sun starts to warm the early morning air…