Excess baggage: MCN rides Indian’s Challenger RR – the wildest customer race bike ever made

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‘You’re joking, right?” That’s the standard answer from pretty much everyone who hears about the concept of Bagger Racing. Now in its third season, however, the MotoAmerica King of the Baggers series is as serious as British Superbikes – and so are the bikes.

Don’t know what Bagger racing is? Well, instead of production-based sportsbikes, King of the Baggers sees a grid full of American V-twin cruiser-based tourers ridden by big-name racers, lock horns and bash baggage at some of the States’ most legendary tracks.

The bikes are a mix of highly modified Harley Street Glides and Indian Challengers, which have more in common with a WSB bike than they do their road-going, laid-back donors. 

It started as a one-off exhibition race at Laguna Seca back in October 2020, but the sight of 15 wonderfully inappropriate machines yawing and humping down the Corkscrew thrilled the trackside crowds and blew up online, with 10 million views in a very short space of time.