Product showcase: riding jeans


Oxford Original Approved Denim AAA Jeans – £169.99

Tested by Gareth Evans for three months, 1000 miles

On Oxford Products’ website it states these AAA-rated single layer items are ‘jeans you want to wear’, and I’d agree.

They’ve become my go-to for hopping on the bike on a daily basis. At first glance you might wince at the price, but in fact they’re slightly cheaper than their AAA-rated rivals (as well as being cheaper than the A-rated Alpinestars jeans on the opposite page) but it’s fair to say you can spend a lot less on a pair of jeans with a lower, but still acceptable, AA rating.

They’re seriously comfortable, too. With a fitment based on Marks and Spencer’s sizing, they’re a little larger than some other brands and fit me brilliantly. They feel similar in shape to Levi’s too. I’ve gone for straight fit here, but they’re also offered in Slim, and while these are Dark Aged colour, you can have black or Three-Year Aged looks too…