TV and social media presenter Joe Cooper fronts-up South Yorkshire training video

A new scheme has been set up in South Yorkshire, to help young riders assess the safety of their machines ahead of what is expected to be a busy August bank holiday for biking.

Fronted by TV presenter and social media figure Joe Cooper, the Ride for Life video has been made available on the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership YouTube channel.

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Joe Cooper talks with John Tudor

In the video, which has been shot on local roads, Joe runs through the handy POWDERY acronym with the help of advanced motorcycling instructor John Tudor, encouraging riders to check their 'Power, Oil, Water, Damage, Electrics, Rubber and You'.

"All of these can make a massive difference to the safety of your motorbike or scooter while on the road, yet only take five minutes to check," says safety partnership manager Joanne Wehrle.

"One of the most important elements is 'You'. If you are tired, had a few drinks the night before, or just had an argument, your attitude can also affect how you ride."

SYSRP are also encouraging riders to take on more training, reminding youngsters that the CBT is the very first step, not the last. For more info on what the group does, or if you’ve got a young one who would benefit from more training, visit

It is hoped the film will help keep riders safe

DVSA launch free online course to boost safety for learner riders

First published on 29 July, 2020 by Jordan Gibbons

A rider completing their CBT

As motorcycle training and tests have resumed in England, Wales and Scotland, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have unveiled a new, free online course to boost safety for learner riders.

Working with Highways England, the DVSA has developed 'Ridefree', which is a free online course for new riders.

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As part of the course, motorcyclists are taken through five online learning modules that are designed to be taken before they do their CBT.

In it they cover everything from the Highway Code to hazard perception, protective clothing and how a rider’s behaviour can affect both them and others. In fact it’s been judged so positive that it’s won a couple of road safety awards.

"Motorcyclists are amongst some of the most vulnerable road users so we want to help ensure they have the knowledge, skills and experience they need to stay safe on the roads," says Mark Winn, DVSA Chief Driving and Riding Examiner.

"Getting the right advice from a professional instructor and the new 'Ridefree' course helps new riders get the most from their CBT and is designed to improve road safety." Try it online by clicking here.

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