The return of the Hesketh

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IT’S 22 years since Hesketh tried to bring us an all-British superbike with the benefit of breeding. Now it’s back, as a well-to-do classic.

Now you can own a brand new version for £11,750.

According to Mick Broom, who has kept the Hesketh name alive since the original firm crashed in 1982, production will be in batches of six – and three are sold already.

” Interest in the Hesketh is picking up, ” said Broom. ” It’s as if it has come of age. It’s no longer pretending to be a superbike, it’s a true British classic.

Poor development blighted the original V1000. However, Broom’s new production engine, although based on the original Weslake ohc V-twin, has the stroke lengthened from 70mm to 78mm to give 1100cc and there’s a plan to take the bore out from 95mm to 98mm to give 1200cc.

” Power is not important, ” Broom told MCN. ” Torque is the main issue, and it will have even more of that. ”

Suspension and brakes are to be updated using Triumph Daytona forks. Front discs will go up from 270mm to 310mm fully-floating rotors. Broom plans to continue building batches of Heskeths as long as there is a demand – or until emission legislation makes the twins illegal.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff