"Coals to Newcastle" as BSA ready all-new twin for Japanese buyers

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ALTHOUGH BSA was once as powerful a force in biking as Honda is today, it may come as a surprise to some that the legendary British firm is still producing bikes at all, let alone readying an all-new 1000cc twin for sale in 2003.

The Southampton-based firm is hand-building a prototype fuel-injected parallel twin which should put out 90bhp, with a goal of reaching production in two years for sale to mainly Japanese enthusiasts and collectors, though British buyers are expected to make up some of the order book.

With a limited production run and a price tag expected to be on the painful side of £10,000, you’re not likely to find many of the as-yet unnamed machines in your nearest dealership. BSA’s Neil Henley said: ” We are aiming the bike in the UK at the market currently dominated by Harley-Davidson, This bike is for people who want an individual bike and are prepared to pay the price of exclusivity. ”

For that, you get a machine hand-tailored to your precise specifications, and with only 50 a year trickling off the production lines you won’t be seeing them at every bike meet you go to either.

The engine in this prototype is a Rhind-Tutt Wasp unit, more commonly found in sidecar moto-crossers, and while BSA is still deciding what to use in the final bike it has confirmed the power-plant will be British made. The fuelling of the final bike also looks set to change. Fuel injection bodies will replace traditional carbs so the bike meets emission laws, while also boosting power.

Styling also looks set to change. Customer feedback has found that the flat seat was generally disliked and the final bike looks set to have a racing speed hump on the pillion seat. However BSA has decided that the function will take priority over form when it comes to the brakes. Twin front discs will replace the drum unit pictured.

The rest of the bike is up to the customer. Colour is what ever you choose and much of the specification can also be personalised. If you are serious, BSA can be contacted on 02380-366404, but remember it is a while off production so don’t hold your breath.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff